CO HG Symposium

The 2017  Colorado Honor Guard Sympsoium,

in a coordinated effort of the

Colorado Honor Guard Association (CHGA)


Colorado Professional Fire Fighters Honor Guard Academy (CPFFHGA)

Location and date will be determined shortly

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Demo Info Sheet

The Honor Guard Demonstration was won last year by Lakewood Police. Bring your Honor Guard out and and compete to take it away from them this year.

What attendees said about the Symposium last year:

-Flag folding above the casket – rarely done – so important to do correctly. Small things like no facing movements with flags, interaction and thoughts on other guards.

-Options on training, but most of all the opportunity to train as a group and to get to know people from other Honor Guards

-Lots of new skills and improving/polishing current.

-Reaffirming lessons learned at Academy, assistance with calling commands.

-17 part manual at arms drill.

-I’m really new to this so for me the basic maneuvers were most useful.

-It was all very good and something to take home and work on

-Marching, all new to me.

-Manual of arms.

What was the least valuable part of the Symposium?

-Time in between sessions. I could have used more time @ calling commands. Make the most of session time – many should be shorter – some longer.

-I can’t think of one.

-All was valuable.

-Yes – Bert stepped in as a 3rd instructor during the 2nd session, color guard movements – this provided for a good learning situation for all 3 of the 4 person teams participating.

-Yes, different approaches (slightly) but all around effective.

-Yes very inclusive.

-Having all skill levels in one group.

-Yes – great facility.

-Yes, for what they were

-Great! Couldn’t ask for more.

-Yes, gyms are as tough one to train in, but for the number of participants I feel this location worked well.

-Yes, lots of room was helpful, the high ceilings were also helpful

-Yes, it would be great as well if the “stations” were broken up to reflect knowledge i.e. never evers, medium, advanced.


-Snacks would be good.

-All appropriate classes.

-Aerial display with the Ladder Trucks.

-More marching

-I would like to see hand outs of the moves. I would also like to see contact info for all the instructors and participants if they would like to network with other groups.

-More practice for first timers, Maybe split them up with the experience.

-Thank you very much for the time and effort extended by the instructors.

-Thanks!! See y’all next year!!

-Excellent job. Extremely helpful.

-Great Symposium, I like that it seemed to flow smoothly for the first on and looked forward to returning next year. Thanks

-The CHGS was a good refresher. I attended the 2011 Academy at South Metro (think they meant West Metro) and this was follow up to that.

-This has been a fun and important day and I can’t wait to do it again!

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